Dear Editor,

The weather reporting mechanisms and body in Guyana are laughable indeed. When Guyana did not have the multi-million dollar Doppler radar, they said that they had poor weather reporting instruments. Now that they have acquired the radar – one of only two in the Caribbean region (the other one is in Trinidad) – they are debunking its capabilities and blaming their inefficient and inaccurate weather reports on the changing dynamics of weather systems that build up in the atmosphere. We know the changing dynamics of weather, but the Doppler radar is a powerful machine that can forecast precipitation, especially that which is heavy in concentrated areas. Do they even have properly-trained personnel to operate the station they have at Hyde Park, Timehri?

These people specialize in pointless weather forecasting. They’re always wrong. Look how they got it all wrong on Mash Day in Georgetown.

Why don’t they report weather that already happened? You know, like, the weather in such area was sunny yesterday, and such like. They would do better in reporting weather in the past tense than trying to predict what the weather would be like tomorrow.

Yours faithfully,
Leon Jameson Suseran

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