Victims of domestic violence should speak out

Dear Editor,

The youths of the Guyana Congregational Union and the Guyana Presbyterian Church planned and participated in a National Youth retreat on Non-Violent Relationships. This retreat was held at the New Sapodilla Complex, #22 Village, WCB over the period March 11-13, 2011. The presentations and discussions covered domestic violence in all its forms, corrective and preventative measures as well as God’s plan for relationships. By the end of the retreat, we felt it necessary take and advocate for positive and corrective actions and to use your newspaper to communicate our position on this issue.

We all agree that it has always been a pleasure reading your newspaper. In recent times, however, we have noted disturbing articles that reflect the increase of domestic violence in Guyana, especially meted out to women and children. We recall, for example, in a recent article in Kaieteur News of March 7: ‘Man kills wife, dumps body and then confesses…’ Editor, it is appalling to note that our godly principles and practices would allow us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves, and yet we experience the shocking discovery of our menfolk killing their partners and hurting their children.

As concerned citizens, we wish to urge victims of violence to be bold and speak out against those who inflict any sort of violence, and to seek help from established organizations such as Help & Shelter. Similarly, we encourage the perpetrators to seek help; God did not intend for them to be abusers!
Let us come together and stamp out this evil practice from our society.

Yours faithfully,
Dwayne Renville
National Youth Advisor
Guyana Congregational Union
On behalf of all the participants

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