Fans need to register their pain over WI’s performance with the players, WICB and WIPA

Dear Editor,

I woke up early this morning to the sound of crying; another wicket fell and more tears. Why all the thoughtless batting and why so much incompetence? It seems like the players don’t care. How many more must we endure? Please tell me how many more before we start to let our team know and feel some of our pain?

What actions should we as fans, fanatics and supporters alike of West Indies cricket take to let the WICB, the players and WIPA know how we feel? Of course it would be asinine to suggest anything way out of proportion, because at the end of the day it is just a game. But nevertheless this simple game stands as a symbol for Caribbean unity and integration.

Therefore, as I suggested a few years to a group of some friends, we should take a stand and boycott West Indies cricket for an entire season.

My rationale for this suggestion is the players and the players’ association would be aware of the pain and anguish that we fans feel. I think they will get the strong message when they turn up to play in an empty stadium, at the same time the WICB will feel the financial burden of not generating revenue. I strongly suggest the upcoming home series as one we should boycott.

May god be with us if such drastic measures do not change the way the game is being managed and played in the West Indies.

Yours faithfully,
Littleton Scott

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