GPL’s Bartica generators were turned off because clogged drains caused flooding in the power station

Dear Editor,

I write this letter on behalf of the residents of Bartica who suffered flooding on Saturday, March 19. There was an article in Sunday Stabroek about it on March 20, (page 17). The GPL had to stop their generators because the drains around the power station were filled with sand and garbage, and this caused flooding in the power station.

As a matter of fact most of the drains in Bartica are filled with sand and garbage.

There are three outfalls and they are all blocked up.  On my television programme every Sunday on TTS Ch5 I usually show live pictures of these drains and outfalls, asking the authorities in Region 7 to please clear them. They have never paid any attention to any of the warnings which were given them.

With this present pattern of climate change who knows how ofter Bartica will be under water. We also have quite a few new garbage dump sites in Bartica, which need the attention of Minister Kellawan Lall.

Yours faithfully,
Winston Miller Sr

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