Government and local aircraft owners should be concerned about the state of hinterland airstrips

Dear Editor,

Your recent Stabroek Business carried a very informative piece on the sad state of our hinterland airships. As a hinterland resident who sometimes utilizes air travel, I read these articles with a sense of alarm, even though the sources seem to have emanated from one spokesperson at Ogle.

I also commend the Stabroek Business editor for offering his own editorial views on an issue so vital to both hinterland development and national security concerns. I call on government as well as other local aircraft owners to declare their positions on hinterland airstrips. Surely, companies like Roraima Airways and Air Services Limited must have strong views and concerns on this issue too.

Again, congrats on your Stabroek Business pieces. They open debate and action by both the government and the private sector.

Yours faithfully,
F Benjamin

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