Mud and cane trash left on La Grange-Wales road

Dear Editor,

The hazardous, unacceptable condition of the roadway between La Grange and Wales estate, caused by the tractors and trailers transporting sugarcane to the estate, is a source of total discomfort to all road users. Mud and cane trash are left on the road day after day, resulting in a build-up of debris which is dangerous to other vehicles. Whenever it rains drivers have to stop in the middle of the road because of the wet, slippery mud and debris left at the corner of the road. Schoolchildren and others standing on the road awaiting transportation are also forced to stand away from the corner, placing their lives at risk. Whenever the road is dry residents living close to the road and occupants of vehicles are plagued by clouds of dust caused by passing vehicles; this is totally unhealthy for children and anyone who breathes in this contaminated air.

There is one simple solution to this situation, and that is to have the wheels of the tractors and trailers washed before they enter the roadway. I hope the relevant authorities including the Ministry of Agriculture look into this undesirable situation.

Yours faithfully,
Anthea Spencer

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