Minibus operators charging different fares for the same journey

Dear Editor,

Charging different commuters different fares for the same journey is illegal, but minibus operators do this. I am a victim and so are many other Guyanese who use public transportation.

I travelled in two route 45 minibuses this morning, and observed in both that the conductors were collecting $60 from some passengers and $80 from others. In some instances the passengers gave the conductor $100 who then issued change, sometimes of $40 and sometimes, $20.

On the first bus I paid with a $100 note, and was issued with $20 change, but did not make a big deal out of it. However, when the second conductor issued me with $20 change, I immediately raised my concerns and he then gave me the additional $20.

Charging at whim is illegal and I urge the Minibus Association to call on its minibus operators to desist from doing this.

Yours faithfully,
Surendra Dhanpaul

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