Dear Editor,

In my opinion the standard of driving in Guyana has deteriorated over the years, but I was astonished to have a rude encounter with an arrogant man with a DPL number plate – one would have expected better.

Cars were parked on his side of the narrow Lama Avenue just past the Chronicle offices, and I had the right of way and proceeded. To my astonishment he speeded up his oversized vehicle unsuited to the roads of Guyana and blocked my way, not even bothering to swerve into the space between the two vehicles parked on his side, and had the insolence to wave his hand to tell me to back up my vehicle. Now I do not know on what grounds – whether ageist, sexist, racist or classist – he felt the law of the road should be subverted to his will, but I was extremely offended and switched off my engine. The conductor from the minibus which drew up behind begged me to move on and a guard presumably from the Chronicle offices insinuated that the fault was mine and the police would deal with the matter. It was only that I was late for work that I backed my vehicle, but I would point out to whoever makes decisions about the roads that it since speedbumps were put on Eping Avenue to deter drivers, they have merely diverted to the smaller side road – Lama Avenue – which is less able to cope with the volume of traffic, and perhaps speedbumps should also be placed there and the potholes fixed.

As to the diplomat, I would like to tell him when he writes a scathing report about Guyana he ought to remember that he is part of the problem and not the solution!

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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