Instead of constantly criticizing our leaders should seek remedies for our problems

Dear Editors,

Some of the problems are going around and around in cycles in Guyana, despite new administrations or governments.  These problems may occur because of the tendency of our politicians to criticize, instead of to emulate; to find fault rather than the remedies necessary to drive the nation forward. Those in power would trumpet what the opposition did not do when they were running the country, instead of focusing intently on what they are doing.

Should any new party get into power, they are likely to follow this trend of contrast/comparison to reflect the differences between present and past administrations. Instead of so doing, they should strive for remedies through the implementation of better plans, systems and programmes for the development of Guyana. This new or changed attitude could solve these monotonous problem cycles, which are frustrating the people, irrespective of their party support or membership, or their leaders present and past.

Yours faithfully,
George Carrington

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