Every time it rains Linden becomes a nasty scene

Dear Editor,

Lindeners must count themselves very lucky that road accidents around the town are few and far apart, except for those tragic ones along the Linden Highway. Editor, every time it rains the town of Linden becomes an awful sight, a nasty scene: slushly, muddy, blocked- up gutters, drains and culverts stuffed with all sorts of  bottles, cans, styrofoam cups/boxes, etc, which overflow onto the roads and make some impassable since they are under water. And most certainly Lindeners must to a large extent be blamed for this particular ugly situation; they need to be more environmentally health conscious for their own sake. Now quite recently we had some heavy rains, but heavy or light it makes no difference, the deplorable state during and after rain has existed for far too long.

But what is irritating and dangerous is that there are some roads that have accumulated a lot of stuff on both sides, so that apart from the clogged drains when it rains the water settles along the sides ofn the road leaving only a narrow strip in the middle where pedestrians then are forced to compete with all sorts of vehicles. Many times people are caught between them and are confused, even drenched by uncaring drivers.

Good God! You mean to tell me that with all those in authority, our top functionaries – not one of them – has taken notice? Has this dangerous situation escaped their attention? All it takes is clearing the sides and making slots as is necessary along the sides – definitely not a mountain of work, and a negligible cost. One of the main roads in question is Sir David Rose Ave (backroad). I have pointed this out no less than about four times to no avail, and it is getting worse by not being attended to; walk down Greenheart Street anytime it rains – man it’s horrible! Dageraad Ave in front of Singh’s store has a constant flow of water as if there’s a spring is under the road, and sometimes you can’t even walk. Damon Ave is a vexing exception, shameful; hopefully some day it will be discovered.

By the way, it seems now that the standard practice in building/resurfacing roads is by having a narrow strip just wide enough to accommodate one vehicle at a time.

Do we have blind people overseeing our interest, or is it not their interest? But what boggles the mind is that with all the hundreds of millions boasted about and spent on drainage there hasn’t been any positive effect in preventing floods; it is just as if nothing has been done, because anything more than a drizzle and all of Linden comes under water. Those millions of dollars spent haven’t changed anything for the better; it’s the same old, same old. Someone in authority who cares needs to speak out very, very loud.

And I need to repeat yet again that the traffic department needs to have the ‘five corner’ better regulated for the sake of safety, especially that of our children. There have been too many near accidents. Yet once more I draw attention to the corner at Greenheart street and Harder Road where the MSC basketball court blinds the turn, and drivers, motor cyclists and pedal cyclists cannot see anything approaching from the police station which is just a corner away.

I’m further suggesting that there be one/two regular traffic cop(s) on beat along Sir David Rose Ave and into the highway up to Amelia’s Ward where reckless driving, speeding and racing are in style and need to be checked.

And dear Lindeners do you know that in spite of all those gruesome tragic accidents along the Linden Highway, large super-size lumber trucks still ply it at night without proper illumination, dirty and sometimes with no reflectors, headlamp on only one side, even no back lights? Yes siree! But who cares, nothing happens; this is Linden Town, with the rains now frequent and ‘dem roads start bruk-up.’ ‘Lawd have mercy.’

Yours faithfully,
Frank Fyffe

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