Semi-final was a matter of national pride

Dear Editor,

The anticipated semi-final between Pakistan and India which was played yesterday in Mohali, India, evoked so much emotion and interest that these two countries who fought each other since their independence have put on their sporting gear for the prize of national pride. The two prime ministers of both countries were seen meeting the players before the start of the match.

At the time of writing I did not know the outcome, but I was not interested in the result of the game as I expected to see a keenly contested match. However, I hope that the WI team, the Board, coach, selectors, etc, were also glued to their TV sets to see if there was anything to be learnt – which is another letter to be written.

Yes, the shorter version of the game which a few critics condemn as non-cricket has transformed the game to one of excitement, and more importantly,  has provided revenue for promoters and  players.

Yours faithfully,
V O Patrick

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