Termination of BBC Caribbean programme unfortunate

Dear Editor,

The termination of the BBC Caribbean programme after some seven decades of programming for the region is unfortunate. As someone who follows the BBC news coverage very closely, I am disappointed by the decision taken, especially given the historical and cultural links between the region and Britain. I am puzzled as to the explanation given, since the benefits of the programmes in the region far outweigh any financial saving.

The decision to cease the Caribbean service is in my view indicative of a declining interest in the region by western countries in general and Britain in particular. The end of the Cold War and the gradual democratization processes in the hemisphere have rendered the region less attractive politically.

The centre of attraction has now shifted to the Middle East and Africa, where there is greater volatility and tension. The region has lost its sensationalism and hence its newsworthiness.

Be that as it may, the BBC must be commended for the relatively balanced and objective manner in which it has been covering the news globally. One hopes that some time in the future it will be in a position once again to re-commence its Caribbean programme.

Yours faithfully,
Hydar Ally

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