The entire Guyana Cricket Board needs to go 

Dear Editor,

Guyana’s dubious distinction of finishing in the cellar of Senior Regional Competition for the third consecutive year has passed without the usual press conferences and press releases for which the Guyana Board and most of its executives have become famous or infamous over the past two years or so.

This is a Board not shy of executives who are prepared to move mountains, retain lawyers, wash dirty linen in public and yet not a word on this crisis, not a word from:

a)  Mr Chetram Singh who has been President for nearly twenty years and has presided over the collapse of what was once a glorious cricket tradition.  He leaves the Board appreciably devalued from when he took it from Norman McLean and amidst the confusion and in-fighting of his executives, apparently wants to escape judgement day.

b)  Mr Claude Raphael – longstanding chairman of senior selectors who from time to time regales us with his infinite wisdom, in particular about who should or who should not be the president and other officers of the Guyana Cricket Board.  As old people say, “Donkey ears long but he don’t hear he own story.” First order of business we should have a new team of selectors.

c)   Mr Bissoon Singh – Vice-President of the Guyana Cricket Board and Chairman of the Cricket Development Committee of the Board.  In the light of the poor performance of the team over the years can Mr Singh say what he and his committee have done for the past two years or so to change the fortunes of our team and from a cricket development perspective, what were some of the basic strategies his committee implemented?

d)   Mr Carl Moore – The Manager for the past ten years or so.  Can he tell us if he is comfortable with the failure rate and if not, why he didn’t demit office in the hope that someone else may be able to assist in better managing the team.

e)   Mr Mark Harper, whose impact seems to be no better than that of Mr Seeram.  In fairness to Mr Harper, however, he has not been with the team for a very long time, but hearing him speak from time to time, he seems to have all the answers. Can he nevertheless share his opinion on the crisis, if the thinks there is one.

I think we need an Egyptian-style revolution with the removal and non-election of the entire Guyana Cricket Board executive, bar none.

Yours faithfully,
D Joseph

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