The Caricom Secretariat should establish a panel to investigate mistreatment of Jamaican nationals by Barbadian immigration authorities

Dear Editor,

I have been following your coverage of the alleged mistreatment of several Jamaican nationals by immigration authorities in Barbados and have noted that the Caricom Secretariat has been silent on this issue. I call on the Secretary General (ag) to immediately set up an
independent panel to investigate these allegations and to make recommendations based on its findings.

It is nothing short of shameless that at a time when we should be closing ranks as a ‘community’ to better address the challenges of a changing global environment, we seemingly resort to ‘tribal conflict,’ although for what purpose, only God knows.

I am neither Jamaican nor Barbadian. I am a Caribbean man born in Guyana and resident in the US where we are continuously lobbying for immigration reform and improved treatment by law enforcement and related agencies of Caribbean nationals who are often profiled and mistreated. How do we ask for a kinder, gentler approach here towards Caribbean residents when at home we are not being kind and gentle to each other?

“Did you bring any Bob Marley with you?” – meaning ganja? How could any Caribbean person denigrate the image of Bob Marley when his works have put the Caribbean, yes, the Caribbean and not just Jamaica on the world stage in such a positive way?

As someone committed to regional integration in the Caribbean I am gravely concerned about these recent allegations of mistreatment by Barbadian immigration authorities and urge the Caricom Secretariat to act with urgency in establishing a panel to conduct an independent
investigation. There is no place for rampant nationalism within our Caribbean community of nations.

Yours faithfully,
Wesley Kirton

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