The Police Commissioner and Home Affairs Minister must explain the violation of Ms Francis’ right to a life free from violence

Dear Editor,

Your issue of March 30, 2011 reported that the man who allegedly stabbed Vanessa Francis is yet to be charged by the police. Ms Francis was stabbed after repeated threats and has reported that she is still being threatened.

The man whom she accuses of stabbing her was in police custody on unrelated assault charges but has been released on bail by the Cove and John Magistrates Court.

Help & Shelter calls on the Police Commissioner and the Minister of Home Affairs to explain this violation of Ms Francis’ right to a life free from violence. The Guyana Police Force has a mandate to protect all citizens from harm, and from all reports, Ms Francis has done everything possible to ensure that the man who stabbed her is brought to justice and that she does not have to live in fear of him.

Yours faithfully,
Vidyaratha Kissoon
Danuta Radzik
Josephine Whitehead
For Help & Shelter

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