Ralph Ramkarran has the qualities to be president

Dear Editor,

As a potential presidential candidate, Mr Ralph Ramkarran is not a person who is unknown. He has universal knowledge, he is an even-handed person, he is honest and has worked legitimately for his current possessions; he is a professional manager, and is a partner in a renowned law firm.

Such an upright man is suitable for managing our state; as a matter of fact, he might be the only candidate from the PPP camp who will be able to stand up to strong arguments should there be a debate about the foreign and economic policies for this country, against other candidates of the competing political parties.

Mr Ramkarran as a manager has guided the National Assembly for some years, and has so far done a good job.
His managerial skills have stood out here; they tell of his stewardship, dedication, and hunger for fairness. It is from his activities in that command position in the Assembly, that our country’s policies are working and various regions are benefiting from the numerous developmental projects.

Mr Ramkarran has managed to keep a healthy distance from the quagmire that the People’s Progressive Party has found itself in with special reference to the Phantom-squad drug establishment, and corruption associated with contracts. He has always been associated with the intellectual and rational section of the party.

The argument then is for all Guyanese to come out in full support of this politician who knows the values of Guyanese people, who upholds the ethical concerns of all humans, and ensure he makes it to the highest office of our land.

Yours faithfully,
Jagadesh Gowkarran