Students ‘waging war’ on another school should not be tolerated

Dear Editor,

If your editorial ‘Age of opportunity’ of March 26, had been written on Friday I might have concluded that it was an April Fools Day hoax, but what I feared for our educational system has arrived, and it is indeed a serious issue.  One might ask, do we have to copy all the ills of the outer world?

Its boggles the mind that so many children could leave their school to ‘wage war’ on another one so far away.

I am calling for no tolerance for this type of reprehensible behavior, which must be curbed.
Obviously these children have no interest in learning and are like bitter weeds in the garden of education. They must be rooted out lest they affect those whose objectives run contrary to theirs. I am not for giving them a second chance.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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