The Movement for Political and Economic Democracy promotes the idea of a government of national unity and reconstruction

Dear Editor,

It would appear that the Jagdeo-Ramotar faction of the PPP is busy looking for prominent individuals, who were members of the PPP or closely associated leading personalities of the PPP.  One such person is Cheddi Jagan, Jr, better known as Joey Jagan.  Dr Joey Jagan told us following the last Thursday (June 16) TV programme on Channel 6, the ‘Voice of the People’ that we should be in government and not remain in opposition. But how does he propose to form such a government?

I believe that Dr Jagan sincerely wants to see a civilized society in Guyana, where things work effectively and efficiently, but he fails to understand that Mr Ramotar, whom he promotes, has been the central figure in most of the mismanagement of the country.  Mr Ramotar has been the General Secretary of the PPP since the death of Joey Jagan’s father, Dr Cheddi Jagan.  Dr Jagan held the position since the PPP transformed itself into a Marxist-Leninist party.

Joey Jagan ought to know that the General Secretary of a communist party is the chief, who dictates the policies and programmes of the party. Internal party democracy and freedom of expression do not exist in these tight structures.

A good example of the total lack of democracy and transparency is the exercise to elect the presidential candidate of the PPP. It was a selection, not an election. Is Dr Joey Jagan not aware of this recent experience? Of course he knows what is going on in his father and mother’s party.

But whilst he vehemently condemns communism as an evil, he actively promotes the Donald Ramotar presidency, with a view to the formation of a “shared government” with the Peoples’ National Congress.

He confuses the public even further by telling them that such a government will solve our current security and all other problems.

He explained on last Thursday’s panel discussion, where I was also a guest, that if the PNC was not a part of this “shared government” there would be lots of problems in the country.  He may be right, but we cannot be bullied by any political group to vote for “shared governance” involving the PNC alone.

I have made it clear that I do not agree with Joey Jagan on the question of “shared governance” and I restated  the position of “Movement for Political and Economic Democracy,” of which I am an active member. I said that MPED actively promotes the idea of a government of national unity and reconstruction, which must involve the mass organizations and representatives of grassroot organizations.

A government of national unity and reconstruction must involve the trade union movement, the farmers and rural people, youth organizations, women’s organizations, organizations of the major faiths, professional and overseas Guyanese.

Such a structure will gradually resolve the racial divisions and tensions that have plagued our society for generations and build a society based on mutual trust and respect.

Yours faithfully,
Jinnah Rahman

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