Not all Lethem residents affected by the flood have been assisted

Dear Editor,

It is now seven days since the floodwaters  receded from the environs of Lethem, Tabatinga, Culvert City and other adjoining areas in Central Rupununi. The flood was the worst of its kind in recent memory, and with the likelihood of a follow-up which would be greater than the previous one, trepidation lingers on.

This flood has caused my family in particular losses in poultry, clothing, books and other personal items, but most of all I want to publicly thank Mr Lionel Da Silva for rescuing (accommodating) myself and family during these trying times. He allowed us unhindered access to his property in Lethem where we were well accommodated. When he arrived in Lethem a few days later to assess the situation for himself, he personally cooked for us and could be seen consoling and extending his generosity to others. Thanks once again Mr Lionel Da Silva for his overwhelming kindness and generosity.

Thanks also to the Guyana Red Cross and Digicel in providing urgently needed cleansing and other materials in such a timely manner. Thanks also to the Regional Democratic Council which enquired into our concerns, but was unable to provide any tangible assistance even up to this time of writing,

1 have now learnt that personnel from the Regional Democratic Council who undertook the initial enquiry and survey of the affected households have been sidelined and an officer from the administration has been given the sole authority in the distribution government’s promised help. To date not all of the affected residents have been assisted, and it leaves one to wonder whether there has been a short supply of what was promised.

Further I wonder whether there is unity between the Regional Democratic Council and the Regional Administration, since I have noticed the Regional Chairman is devoid of vehicular transportation since he has been walking and sometimes riding a bicycle to and from work, while the afore-mentioned officer is seen driving regional vehicles.

In view of this situation I would suggest that the matters mentioned should be looked into urgently.

Yours faithfully,
John Yow

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