Dear Editor,

Your article in the June 22 edition of SN on the $600M incomplete government complex highlights the inability of the government to complete projects and those that are completed are poorly done.

This is because of the lack of objectivity and incompetence in assessing the capabilities of contractors. It includes as well, the irrelevant variables which some project managers consider, such as being friends with the contractors which doesn’t help.
I recall when that particular project started. Minister Manzoor Nadir was all goo goo ga ga about it in the press. This was his grand baby. He is awfully quiet now. I believe his daughter Marcia from the project office in Office of the President was also involved in managing it.

I recall about a year-and-a-half ago, writing a similar letter questioning why this project is at a standstill. Perhaps President Jagdeo can work on this project when he demits office. He seems to be successful at constructing buildings. His appointees appear not to be successful at anything.

The East Bank Highway: Can it be cleared of all businesses such as tyre repair shops, etc? It is not a highway much less a four-lane highway because of these businesses. The same thing is now going to happen with the new business being set up on the East Coast on the public road near Plaisance. Who is planning? Where are we going?

I wrote on several occasions about the need to ensure businesses and government offices cater for parking. These simple things our planners seem incapable of ensuring when approving construction plans.

What is the problem with Guyana Power and Light? There seems to be a prevalence of meters not working and GPL ignoring the problem.

There is so much arrogance and incompetence in all sections of our society.

Yours faithfully,
Ganesh Singh

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