There should be a more friendly relationship between our politicians after elections

Dear Editor,

There was a golf match played in the USA but none of the professional players were involved; instead it was President Obama who was paired with Republican House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner against Vice-President Joe Biden who was teamed up with Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich, described as an expert on federal financial matters. Golf was indeed played and the President’s team won on the 18th hole, but not to be outplayed, Joe Biden sunk a putt of about 15 ft.

Apparently, the media (TV) must have been kept away as I saw no pics, but the game was about more than golf, as the President wants to find a solution working with the Republicans on the ways to cut the budget by trillions and raise the $14.3 trillion ceiling on the nation’s debt.

In our political culture such an association might have raised eyebrows and caused comments such as “selling out,” etc, but Guyana can learn from the USA that there are times when it is necessary to move the goalpost for a friendly atmosphere to accommodate meaningful dialogue and communication. Time is not on our side and the developed countries are having domestic problems of their own. After the elections I would like to see a more friendly relationship in and out of parliament between our politicians.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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