We should find a common identity

Dear Editor,

Before I go any further, I should say I consider myself a true Guyanese, for I am neither Indian nor African nor Portuguese, but a Guyanese from birth; and I say this with much pride.

It is therefore my belief that if we are to move forward as a people, we need to forget past mistakes, forgive, and focus on the future. To do so we have to rebrand our identity as a people. To become a better nation without the infighting we need to stop labelling ourselves as Indian, African and others, and find a common identity such as the Americans have done. As much as they are of different ethnic make-ups, all ethnic groups see themselves as Americans. To achieve this form of cohesiveness we as a people need to focus on building a nation that takes pride in all our peoples, recognizes their contributions, fosters better understanding of our unique cultures,  showcases these cultural diversities, represents our people and national interest abroad and stands behind a leader who believes in One People, One Nation, One Destiny.

Let us all proudly wave our Golden Arrowhead.

Yours faithfully,
Dawn Moore

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