Large amount of stone on the Pomona walkway blocking pedestrians

Dear Editor,

The important walkway across the creek that separates Pomona Village and Riverstown Village (Essequibo coast) was recently renovated at a cost which I do not know, but from using same I can say that it was well constructed.

But what is disturbing is that there is a large amount of stone on the southern side, or Pomona side of the walkway on the public road, and it is blocking the path of pedestrians. It must be noted that this stone was there a long time before the repairs to this crossing were done, and is noticed by all including the regional officials whose duty it is to ensure that such hindrances are not placed in such an area, and to have them removed if they are.

Although I have raised this issue at the Works Committee meeting, a statutory committee of the Regional Democratic Council that was held on Thursday, June 2, 2011, and assurances were given that this large amount of stone would be removed, at the time of writing more than three weeks later, not a pebble has been removed.

Now this action or inaction would only serve to defeat the very purpose for which this walkway was constructed.

Yours faithfully,
Archie W Cordis

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