The practice of some Commanders making releases not approved by the Top Cop led to conflicting information

Dear Editor,

The Commissioner of Police wishes to express surprise at a statement made by Mr. Raphael Trotman of the Alliance For Change in SN June 24, 2011 in relation to recent interventions by the Commissioner of Police to tidy up the issuing of releases to the news media.

A “gag order” could only be issued if there was an order to do otherwise. The Force Standing Order No. 12 clearly outlines those who should give releases to the press – Commissioner of Police, Public Relations and Press Officer, Assistant Commissioner ‘Law Enforcement’ and the Traffic Officer. This is to ensure efficient, effective, accurate and timely coordination of information being released to the public.

The Guyana Police Force challenges anyone to produce a Force Order or Standing Order which amends the current Standing Order.

The practice of some Commanders giving releases to the press, uncensored and not approved by the Commissioner of Police, had taken place for some time resulting sometimes in conflicting information to the public. For the sake of clarity the situation has been brought under control.

The Public Relations and Press Officer will continue to give his daily releases to the press, coordinating with Divisional/Branch Commanders.

Yours faithfully,
Ivelaw Whittaker
Public Relations and Press Officer

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