Non-parliamentary parties have access to information technology and can sway the electorate

Dear Editor,

First of all I would like to say that newspaper houses such as yourself would do the nation a great service if you were to profile and brief the nation on the other opposition parties, for example, Peter Ramsaroop and the Guyana People’s Partnership.  Some of the major lenders of this political movement are Vaughn Elroy, Jeffrey Phillips and Joe Haynes.

The GPP office can be contacted at 226-6296; Vaughn can be reached directly at 655-8430. There is detailed information about the movement on the internet at URL <www.votetheg. com>.  Please don’t underestimate the power of the non-parliamentary parties such as the GPP; in this modern information age we can and have access to the same number of Guyanese as the PPP has access to.

The political machinery is not the same as in the past; the next general election in Guyana will be characterized by bottom-house meetings and also by Internet blogs, which can sway and influence many Guyanese.

The non-parliamentary parties have access to TV, text messaging, the Internet, and many more ways of communicating with and influencing the electorate.

Propagandists like Dr Prem Misir are trying to deceive the people of Guyana when he says that the non-parliamentary parties have no constituency. He is dead wrong and he knows it. With modern information technology all parties one way or the other have access to and can sway the electorate, and the truth is this next general election is a wide open contest and anyone could possibly pull it off.

This is not like the early days of the Republic of Guyana; even if the government tried with all its power to silence or decrease the influence of the opposition it could not do so.
Many people think that we are witnessing the complete demise of the PNC and non-parliamentary parties, but the truth is we are witnessing the last hours of one party rule in Guyana; the PPP’s days are numbered.

Yours faithfully,
Derrick Harte

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