Dear Editor,

I noticed on the TV recently and in your newspaper that Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud were accusing the PNCR of trying to score cheap political mileage by the visit of PNCR presidential candidate Mr David Granger to the flooded areas of Region 9.

This flood is a regional disaster and the Civil Defence Commission which is in charge should have made an appeal to all parliamentarians from all political parties to help in assisting our affected brothers and sisters in Region 9; the CDC cannot do it alone.

I have also noticed that the PPP/C presidential candidate Donald Ramotar was on the ground in Region 9 saying his party and the government would do its best to bring relief to the people of the region.

He was also making statements but no one accused him of political mileage, yet as soon as the opposition team went distributing items and meeting with affected flood victims the PPP/C accused the PNCR for being there.

If the opposition had failed to show up the PPP/C would have accused them of being uncaring.

Yours faithfully,
W Hope

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