Adelaide Street sewage overflow has been fixed; debris thrown by customers into the sewerage system causes blockages

Dear Editor,

GWI wishes to express gratitude to your publication for highlighting the complaint made by Mr Charles Conway in the Stabroek News of Wednesday, June 22, 2011.

We thank Mr Conway for his comments; the sewage overflow at Adelaide Street has since been rectified.  As stated by Mr Conway, GWI made many visits to correct the overflow which unfortunately recurred after every attempt.

It is imperative that GWI highlight the reason for these recurrences of the overflow.  According to GWI Sanitation Manager Rensford Joseph “our sanitation team was able to correct the overflow by clearing a chamber adjacent to the location mentioned in the letter; the team uncovered a vast collection of debris including cloth, stones, sand, newspapers and other dangerous items that would have caused a blockage in the system, hence creating the overflow.”

The company continues to appeal to customers via our public education and school education programmes in all areas served by the sewerage system to desist from dumping any items except human waste into the system.  Despite these appeals our sanitation teams continue to uncover items such as dead animals, plastic bottles and containers, sanitary napkins and other items which hamper the operation of the sewerage system.

These items cause the motors and other sensitive parts of the system to malfunction hence the overflows experienced by the customers in these areas.  According to Mr Joseph every week the team uncovers large volumes of condoms from blockages at city hotels, as well as plastic containers and glass bottles at businesses and schools served by the system.

Customers must be cognizant of the fact that their abuse of the sanitation system results in overflows which are a health hazard and an inconvenience.

Customers seeking more information on how abuse of the system can result in overflows can visit our Newsroom and Public Education page available at www.gwiguyana .com  Reports of abuse or overflows can be sent via our Customer Service Call Centre on 227-8701 or via the e-mail address

We encourage all customers to partner with GWI and desist from dumping unwanted items into the sewerage system.  Reports and images of abuse can also be posted on the wall of our Facebook page available at

Once again, Guyana Water Incorporated wishes to thank your publication for highlighting the problems which affect our customers.  We remain firm in our commitment to resolve all water and sanitation challenges affecting our customers.

Yours faithfully,
Timothy Austin
Public Relations Officer

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