NIS has miscalculated pension

Dear Editor,

It has been over four years (30.4.07) since I submitted my appeal with all records of ontributions to NIS (NIS # -056295).  I have never received word from NIS.  It is shocking to know that in this computerized age and having much less than half a million pensioners’ records, NIS wants us to die early from NIS frustration.

Editor, to be deprived of $25,000 monthly is no easy thing.  I wrote the Public Relations Manager, Mrs Lewis-Baxter, on October 12, 2009 and the NIS manager on November 3, 2009, begging for help to clear up this pension issue, but up to now there is no word from either of them.

I have checked the Linden, Brickdam and Camp Street offices on numerous occasions, only to be told they are working on it. Editor, the NIS ‘Big Stick’ attitude can’t work for the small man; it took me years to make 1227 plus contributions and I will not let NIS disrespect my claim. I have to see somebody in authority to check all the NIS papers I obtained from the various workplaces. They will see the mess they have made in ten minutes.

Editor, I worked with the Linden Mining Enterprise from 1971-1991.  The first problem is that in 3/2003 I received a contribution card from NIS with five hundred and three contributions missing – 1980, 1983, 1988, 1990, 1991.  I obtained all the missing years’ contributions which gives a total sum of seven hundred and seventy two contributions for Linden Mining Enterprise.  I worked with OMAI Gold Mines Ltd from 27.11.91 to 3/1999, which gives me three hundred and seventy contributions. NIS has the record from 27.11.91 to 6/1996 because of a problem when I submitted contributions form 8/96 to 3/99.

I also worked with the Linden Power Company in 2000-2001 which comes to eighty-seven contributions.

NIS made a total mess in arriving at my pension. They used the wrong years and came to crazy contributions – 26 in 1994; 13 in 1996; 16 in1997; 13 in 1998; and 15 in 2000.  Note that during all those years I was a full-time employee of OMAI Gold Mines and Linden Power Company.  How can I have 26,16,16,13 and 15 contributions? My true contributions for the last five years start from 1997 when there were 52; 35 in 2000; 52 in 1998; 14 in 1999; and 52 in 2001.  According to NIS rules the best three of the last five years will be taken to calculate the pension, and it beats me to know what process they used for me and who signed these important papers without a proper check. (I have enclosed a photocopy of every piece of NIS paper sent to me.) Is there a lawyer who looks at pensioners’ rights, if not, please indicate how I can get into contact with Dr Luncheon or President Bharrat Jagdeo for their help to set the record straight.

Yours faithfully,
Kelvin Wilson

Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to Dr Roger Luncheon, Chairman of NIS Board for any comment he might wish to make.

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