Why not renew the revenue licence every three years?

Dear Editor,

Whereas in the past drivers had to renew their driver’s licence every year, now a driver is given a driver’s licence that is valid for three years and is renewed on his or her birth date.

This system has reduced the workload for the police in the Traffic Department and has made it easy for the thousands of drivers who were forced to renew their licences annually.

With the present situation regarding motor vehicle licences where there is constant complaint about the difficulty a driver experiences to obtain a licence, and with the admission of Mr Sattaur that for the current year about 94 000 licences will have to be issued, and the number will be more next year as more persons own vehicles, I wish to offer this suggestion: that in the same way a driver has to renew the driver’s licence every three years he or she should be allowed to renew the revenue licence every three years.

This would greatly reduce the inconvenience many drivers suffer and it would reduce the pressure on GRA.

There will be no loss in revenue as the price will be three times the price paid for one year.

I pay $2500 now for my car so I will pay $7500 for three years.

I hope Mr Sattaur would give this suggestion his kind consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Ameer Bacchus

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