‘Action Line’ should go on whether Gordon is available or not

Dear Editor,

The radio programme ‘Action Line’ has been around for decades and aired regularly; not so today. It is quite worrying that this programme, which so many people depend on to air their views and concerns, is not so regular these days on the airwaves. ‘Action Line’ is usually aired from 21:30 hrs on Mondays. Its sister programme ‘Plain Talk’ used to air on Tuesday nights on the Voice of Guyana, years ago.

‘Action Line’ has not been on the air for 3 weeks. The irregularity is nothing new. Sometimes a radio announcer would apologize for the station’s inability to air the programme due to the host (Michael Gordon) being either unable to work or ill.

I would like to inform the producers of ‘Action Line’ that the show should go on whether or not Mr Gordon is ill. Can’t another competent announcer hold the fort in Gordon’s absence?

Sure enough, Mr Gordon is familiar with certain ‘regular’ callers and might be more experienced in the field of taking complaints and giving responses after making enquiries with the authorities and such like; however, in the media business, you do not put on hold a vital show such as ‘Action Line’ because the host has called in sick or is not available to be on the programme. And if that host cannot host the programme regularly, then perhaps they should find another host, such as Andrea Joseph who used to do a fabulous job. But whether Mr Gordon is available or not, the show must go on.

Yours faithfully,
Leon Suseran

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