Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me to highlight some areas of concern to all and sundry:

Profanity:  The use of profanity in public places has now become endemic. A motorist pulls into a Guyoil Service Station to refuel his vehicle; he parks ackwardly; the fuel attendant requests that he parks his vehicle properly; he becomes annoyed, and responds with the most obscene language imaginable. His passenger is a four-year-old boy.

Traffic:  Traffic lights and other road signs which are intended to regulate traffic, and bring order to the streets and roads should be removed.  Let every motorist and pedestrian do as they please on the roadways. Corporal Dyal needs to seek alternative employment; his daily road safety presentations on radio are a waste of time. Nobody listens; nobody cares.  The carnage on the roads continues.

Pedestrian crossings: The majority of students attending schools on Woolford Avenue, no longer use the pedestrians crossings provided for them. A terrible catastrophe is waiting to happen, as they cross willy nilly in the path of oncoming vehicles.

Abode of the dead:  Having watched and enjoyed Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ a committee has been formed to clean and beautify Le Repentir Cemetery; money is no problem. Alas, the living still dwell among ferocious mosquitoes, stagnant and clogged drains, choked alleyways, and canals that require desilting. Someone needs to have their head examined.

Substandard work:  Check those beautifully painted metal railings on Cemetery Road, near Sussex Street. A few weeks after they were installed, one uprooted itself; it was fixed. Now the other has fallen; weeks have passed, it lies there, waiting to be resurrected. Incidentally, that area has a history of substandard work. Check the concrete work on the eastern bridge.

The HBs: The colours are unified, the disregard for the traffic laws is most pronounced. See the yellow cabs ignore the traffic lights and major roads, overtake recklessly, and sound their horns in anger when other motorists observe the traffic rules.

Silent zones: Are there silent zones in the City of Georgetown? Pray, tell us in order that one many enjoy a moment of silence whilst motoring through the streets of this heritage city.

Our children: Drowned; burnt to death; killed on our roads; maimed; left in a locked car and dies –  harsh, though it may seem, the law has to penalize those parents or guardians, who, as a result of neglect, would have contributed to injury or the death of a child.

Yours faithfully,
CS Vaughn
Major (rtd)

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