Not much known about APNU coalition on East Bank

Dear Editor,

Once again I am writing your newspaper on the APNU coalition recently formed between the PNC, WPA, GPP, GAP and NFA. As we were campaigning along the East Bank yesterday, we had many opportunities to speak with the regular folks to see how they feel about the APNU coalition.

To tell the truth, Editor, fifty per cent of the people we spoke with hardly knew anything about the coalition; the other half felt that they did know about it though the main players were too old and would not be able to connect with the young 18-35 old electorate which is around 60%.

Asked about who would be the best candidates to lead the coalition and be the prime minister for the coalition, all the usual names were said – Clive, Rupert R, David G, Peter Ramsaroop (GPP), Everall F. The overwhelming two favourites were David Granger and Peter Ramsaroop; they switched back and forth between whether Peter Ramsaroop or David Granger should lead and be the prime minister.

One thing was clear: when asked the majority of the respondents said that Rupert Roopnaraine would not be able to connect with the young Indian vote. They believed that between Peter Ramsaroop and Rupert, Peter would be more likely to tap into the 10% of the Indian vote, thereby securing enough Indian votes for the APNU coalition to be victorious at the 2011 polls.

Yours faithfully,
Derrick Harte

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