GWI crews should be certain they have the right customer before disconnecting the water supply

Dear Editor,

GWI is cutting off people’s water supply in the city wrongfully. I got a call from a friend that GWI had disconnected my water supply at my residence located at 243 Bourda Street.  I do not owe GWI.  It was apparently done by mistake, so I visited the office and lodged a complaint.

By the next day the water main was not reconnected, so I visited the GWI office again, only to overhear the very supervisor who had supervised the disconnection crew boasting to another supervisor that he would disconnect even government ministers’ mains once they owed GWI.

This is not the first time and it indicates the callousness GWI customers face in the land of many waters. These operatives must be sure that they identify the right customer for disconnection, or otherwise it is a deliberate attempt at harassment of people in the area. I understand it was a pensioner who was disconnected the previous day.

Yours faithfully,
Ivelaw Henry

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