The move by these young people in Linden may spread to other communities

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to read that a group of young people from Linden has decided to make a move to have some kind of political control over their development.

We are aware that ethnicity generally informs our choice of political party in general and other elections. And it is the ethnic element that also makes us accept whatever the political parties that essentially represent each ethnic group choose to mete out to their core constituents.

It is fear of being dominated by the other group that makes us accept electoral fraud, poor leadership and representation by those who are supposed to be representing our communities.  When-ever we object we are called traitors and told that we are giving the advantage to the PPP or PNC (APNU now) – so we must continue with the ineptness and pretend that everything is alright. It is an ineptness that has yielded nothing for the African community since it is quite obviousness that the ineptness has been doing nothing more than giving tacit support to the PPP. It is a tacit support that has Africans in a vice from which we appear to be unable to extract ourselves. I would say that the PPP must be extremely unhappy about this development because their main ally has begun to show a chink in its armour. And it is a development that may spread to other communities.

I wish the Linden group all success. It is good to see that some have plucked up the courage to stop the pretence and hoping that nothing will turn into something.

Yours faithfully,
Kean Gibson

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