Why not have number plates which record the county of residence of the vehicle owner

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate Mr Khurshid Sattaur and the Guyana Revenue Authority for upgrading the operations at the agency as well as making the agency more people friendly. Commendation is also in place for the agency’s modern and efficient upgrade of the motor vehicle licence department. I know it has not been easy going for the Commissioner having to deal with politically motivated hostile forces within and without the GRA who are counter-productive to any changes he might want to institute. But we know that Mr Sattaur is an astute gentleman who has weathered the storm working assiduously for the cause of this nation’s leading revenue collection agency.

The recent move to have a system of coded vehicular licence plates is a wise one which will greatly reduce, if not bring to an end, the incidence of the switching of plates by criminal elements. This marks a significant development in the crime prevention plan by the government to rid the nation of this fast developing scourge. I would like to make a suggestion to revamp licence plates. Could we not issue number plates based on the location or county of the vehicle owner. Let’s simplify the process by adopting the three counties  method having A (followed by the requisite number) to represent vehicular registrants from Berbice, E for Essequibo and M for Demerara. I believe that this would be a more orderly arrangement.

Yours faithfully,
Neil Adams

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