Dear Editor,

I may be very late in congratulating Natural Black and First Born, but I find myself listening and studying their songs.  Also thanks to Jory Hector and Brutal Tracks as well.  Their soul-stirring and deeply spiritual songs that promote roots and culture, unity, love and a faith in the future of Guyana are powerful and awesome.   Let’s explore the hit song “We don’t play… Leh it Guh Suh.”

Young Guyanese have paid for all the sins of our forefathers, current leaders and parents and are still paying.  “We don’t play… want things go right… when you a do the wrong thing [Hector]… Change is not coming… it is here [Aha].”  We cling desperately to life… we are trying to give Guyana a chance… we work outside to support inside… we pray, pray, pray for peace and unity…We don’t play.

Many think they have got the youth figured out based on so-called Guyanese history. Many continue to lock us out from leadership positions and inner political circles, but they want us to bounce at their campaigns and knock on doors for them.  What do we get in return? “Now the system is set everybody powerful… the youths in the ghetto… they belly never full” (Hector) –We don’t play.

The presence, exuberance, faith and hope of Denton Osborne speaks volumes.  He will be supported, encouraged and prayed for.  Other youths in every region will break out in their own time.  We don’t play.  When is the right time for parents, and/or leaders to hand over the reins of property, power and politics?  Haven’t we learned from the people, situations, experiences on/off these shores?

I encourage the Guyanese youth to stop and think about all the negative words that have been spoken about them. It starts in the family; then in the community; then in the society. Words are powerful, so here is what is being said now: Guyana will never change; we will never unite; I ain’t going to vote, it will not make a difference; the government will never change.

This is absolute nonsense. We are not condemned to a nation of crime, unemployment, sickness, political disunity, economic failure, domestic violence, bad public policy decisions, etc. I speak blessings (not curses) over Guyana today and every day. Each day since 2009 we have been praying around the world for Guyana.  To the youth leaders in NGOs, UG, the churches, public service, private sector, donor agencies, the entertainment world, the media, sports, etc, I congratulate them and acknowledge their service to Guyana and not to the evils of the society.

My five point action plan for Guyanese Africans, Indians, Amerindians, Chinese, Portuguese and Mixed brothers and sisters, is as follows: 1. Get ready to vote; 2. check out the manifestoes of all parties on crime, unemployment, education, constitutional reform and other important issues; 3. target 50 people and encourage them to vote, help them to the polls and keep your clique together – this is time for business; 4. avoid distractions, detractors, noisemakers – stay focused on the dream of change in Guyana; 5.there’s life after an election, so choose your path wisely.

This is it…We don’t play.

Yours faithfully,
Denise Murray (Beresford)

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