A positive experience at the Linden Hospital Complex

Dear Editor,

I took my daughter to the Linden Hospital Complex (maternity ward) on the morning of June 27.  Right away she was admitted and seen by Dr Wong Chenyi, who advised surgery in the next few hours.  I went home to collect her personal items.  On my return, a porter readily took the suitcase and directed me to the elevator. I turned to him and enquired if all of this was state of the art. He replied that they did not have everything but they were trying their best.

A little later in the evening, as they prepared my daughter for surgery, I was taken aback at the number of nursing staff attending to her.

Dr Profitt then came from behind the screen and explained to me what they were about to do.  When they wheeled her out to the theatre, I was sitting slumped, silently praying for her when I felt a hand on my shoulder, and it was the midwife consoling me “that she was going to be alright.”

Upon her return, a staff nurse sat by her bedside encouraging her spiritually, and also giving her some advice on breastfeeding.

I left the hospital in good spirits.  She was discharged on June 30.  I would like to say thanks very much to everyone who played their part so willingly.  I was very much impressed.

Hats off to Sister Judy Crawford and staff.

Yours faithfully
Mavis Webster

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