The Rupununi has lost one of its heroes

Dear Editor,

The Rupununi recently lost a true son of the soil. His life was brutally cut short at the tender age of 28 years, just when he was beginning to realize his life’s dreams.

For us in the Rupununi we have lost one of our true young heroes – an excellent sportsman and an ambitious young entrepreneur who was a role model for many aspiring youths.

Daxton represented Guyana in football at the U-23 level and was called to many football trials, both at the junior and senior level. He was also an excellent volleyball player who, if he had been living on the coastland, would definitely have made the national team. In addition to this he was an excellent athlete, excelling in sprint and the high jump. He also represented the Rupununi on many occasions at the National Heritage games and Kashif & Shanghai tournaments, and his leadership ability often made him the captain of the team. In whatever sports discipline he participated he always gave of his utmost, gaining recognition as an extremely tough and uncompromising competitor who played with great intensity but always with sportsmanship. On the field he was the ultimate competitor but off it he was a humble person.

What made Daxton stand out was that he also achieved a lot academically and was even on the verge of a scholarship to Cuba. It was this academic background that made him realize that sports in Guyana, and especially for a player from the Rupununi, could only be a favourite pastime and he made the decision to forego his promising national football career to focus on a budding construction career. However, he never abandoned his sports and was always present at his home club, Saints Sports Club, whenever he had the free time, to continue playing football and volleyball and offering advice and guidance to the younger generation of players.

Recently he had started realizing his professional dreams and became a full-time contractor doing large construction projects for the regional administration. It was during one of these projects that he met his tragic demise.

As the Rupununi mourns the loss of one of its young heroes, it also celebrates his many achievements as a multifaceted athlete and successful young businessman.

He was instrumental in making the Rupununi a household name in football and the onus is now on the regional administration and football association to ensure that his legacy is upheld.

As the National Amerindian Heritage games arrives in September the Rupununi team, the most successful in the history of these games, one of its most senior and influential players, Daxton Parks, would be conspicuous by his absence. One only hopes that the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs does something during these games to honour this fallen star.

Rest in Peace Daxton. Though your life was short you achieved much. The people of the Rupununi are grateful for what you gave to us and your memory will always be held with fondness.

Yours faithfully,
M Abraham

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