Why is GPL still sending preposterous bills?

Dear Editor,

I choose this medium to make my annoyance known since my visit to GPL on morning of July 6 would have taken several hours judging from the long queue and staff dealing with my concern.

My problem is a continuation of the bombshell bill GPL delivered in January.  To date the posture of GPL is that they have reduced that bill of $410,220 by posting a credit of $365,782 to my account and my bill on March 4 was $54,438.

Given the fact that GPL disconnected the service on April 7 (‘GPL is in a muddle’ SN, April 15) why do I still receive enormous bills thereafter saying that I owe GPL $165,064? This is preposterous.

One of the advantages of this age of communication technology is the swiftness and ease with which records can be updated and transmitted over long distances.

In addition the computer makes for fast and accurate computations.  But as the saying goes ‘garbage in garbage out.’ GPL is clearly demonstrating this principle in compiling bills for customers.

An attempt to bring the PUC into the reconciliation has failed since that body supported the status quo and argued in favour of GPL; even the adscititious bill after disconnection was rationalized by that body.

These fantastic bills that GPL serve to many customers leaves one to wonder if GPL is not profiting from this type of bookkeeping.  Other persons have reliably informed me that they have had similar cases like mine so at least my consolation is that I am not discriminated against in this particular instance, though there are other matters related to GPL for which I am of such opinion.

Errors of this magnitude do not seem to fit the blame of an individual.  So many aspects must be considered to generate this type of erroneous bill.  Hence it leaves one to wonder what supervisory roles are involved.  Those responsible need to be penalized.

The more things appear to change the more they are the same.

Yours faithfully,
Hilmon Henry

Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to Ms Shevion Sears-Murray, the PRO of Guyana Power and Light for any comment she might wish to make.

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