The Casey Anthony trial

Dear Editor,

The captivating Casey Anthony trial has concluded and a bombshell verdict arrived at, but I have not seen any story in the international news section of our daily newspapers. This trial was the most followed trial since the OJ Simpson trial and became real-life daytime television for millions around the world who followed same on Fox News and CNN.

The verdict: Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. She was found guilty, though, on four counts of lying to law enforcement officials.

While the verdict has shocked many around the world and in the United States, and the court of public opinion has condemned her as having murdered her child, Anthony is assured of her freedom within days.

The jurors are speaking out one by one as to why they could not convict Ms Anthony of the murder, since there was no solid evidence linking her to it. They felt, too, that the prosecution did not provide evidence of how little Caylee died in 2008.

The entire trial lasted for over 30 days. Little Caylee’s decaying remains were found in bushes some distance away from the Anthony home in 2008. She had duct tape on the mouth. No fingerprints were found.

Even though she had been missing for one month prior to the discovery, her mother did not report this to the police. Photos of Anthony partying and having a good time, even getting a tattoo on her arm saying ‘Beautiful Life’ during the period her daughter was missing baffled investigators, and prosecutors hammered in this point during the trial.

Meanwhile, the defence portrayed Anthony as a loving mother to her child and that she did not murder her daughter. Anthony partying during the period Caylee was missing was blamed on how different people deal with grief, some in very strange ways.

Due to lack of evidence, the jurors, in my view, reluctantly handed down a not guilty verdict. Anthony will be a free woman on July 17, 2011 and could benefit financially from the whole matter since she could write a book and grant money-making interviews to news organizations.

Yours faithfully,
Leon Suseran

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