Water situation not good in Mocha-Arcadia

Dear Editor,

My sojourn in the Mocha-Arcadia district last week was not a good one. This time, apart from the road, the public utility factor that contributed to the unpleasantness was not just electricity but also water, or rather the lack of it. GWI needs to do something for these people.  No one coming from that far can receive water after six o’clock in the morning and reach his/her workplace in Georgetown on time, given the roads to walk out and the uncertainty of catching a minibus at the various junctions once you arrive there. Some residents must walk for twenty minutes before they can get onto a bus because of the impassable roads or absence of all-weather roads in some cases.

The water in this district is severely rationed.  Once it comes on at about six in the morning (much later at times), it is turned off mid-morning and comes on late in the afternoon to be turned off at about nine at night. My experience in the LBI sugar estate community is that water runs through the pipes from 4.30 to 5am.  These sugar workers are on the road heading for work before daylight.  During the water shortage periods, LBI used to be the reservoir for BV and other areas when the Mon Repos pump was down.

It is true that some Mocha residents have reservoirs in the form of black tanks and barrels, but what about the small man who outnumbers the people with tanks, he must be taken into consideration.  It is not a situation that they are given free black tanks by the government or GWI. I implore GWI to do something about this ‘aggravating’ situation.

Yours faithfully,
Hilmon Henry

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