APNU should open up its leadership ranks to the GPP

Dear Editor,

Guyana’s People Partnership (GPP) is poised to be a vital asset to the APNU partnership. Although the GPP is a non-parliamentary party, that might be a good thing.  GPP is still a force to reckon with in the changing landscape of Guyanese politics.

The leadership of the GPP is Vaughn Elroy, Jeffrey Phillips, Peter Ramsaroop, Joe Haynes, Arnold Sukraj and Eric Phillips. Editor if you check out the website at www.votetheg.com you would see that the GPP is a vibrant and powerful political movement.

Whereas the AFC tends to be an elitist party, Guyana’s People Partnership is more a radical movement. If APNU is serious about winning the elections then they should incorporate and utilize the talents of the GPP.

Young, vibrant, and energetic, Guyana’s People Partnership can provide the missing link of APNU.

Since 1992 the PNC has not been able to produce a win at the polls. Is it because of the old ideas and strategies of the PNC clique?  In order for APNU to win the election they must open up their leadership ranks to a new breed of people.

Yours faithfully,
Derrick Harte

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