Cooperative Day celebration was held in Linden this year

Dear Editor,

The 87th International Cooperative Day Celebration 2011 was held at New Silver City Secondary School tarmac, Linden. The theme was, ‘Youth for the Future to Cooperative Enterprise.’ This year’s activity was hosted by the Linden Utilities Cooperative Service Society Ltd, and was attended by cooperatives from Regions 3,4,6,7 and 10. The day’s programme was called to order by the Managing Director Mr Rollingston Mitchell of the Guyana National Cooperative Union Ltd, and he then introduced the Chairperson, Valerie Sharp, who is Chairperson of the Linden Utilities Service Cooperative Society. The event was indeed a grand one with outstanding performances from the youthful artistes who displayed magnificent skills and talent in poetry, song, dance, calypso and drumming, and the occasion will give rise to long and pleasant memories.The activity was under the supervision and control of the National Cooperative Union, and credit must be given to the Managing Director. Transportation was provided by the Chief Cooperative Development Officer. The entire Management and Supervisory Committee of the Linden Utilities Cooperative Service Society were presented with certificates in Cooperative Management Training by the Administrator of the Kuru Kuru Cooperative College. However the noticeable absence of the Minister of Cooperatives Manzoor Nadir was observed by all present. No excuse was received on his behalf. We look forward for greater participation.

Activities usually begin on the last Sunday in June each year, and end on the International Day, which is the first Saturday in July.
Long live the Cooperative Movement in Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Charles Conway

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