Guyanese are not surprised by the delay in completion of the Amaila road

Dear Editor,

Your newspaper report of July 7 on Synergy and Fip Motilall’s dismal performance on the Amaila Falls Road Project refers.

My Washington DC Group and I would like to congratulate your vigilant newspaper on the vanguard role it plays in exposing the bad governance of our country by the ruling PPP. The fact that the US$15 million project to upgrade 85 km of roadway and build a 110km new roadway is way behind hand is no surprise to the Guyanese people and to our Guyanese nationals in the United States. Our search on the internet, when the contract was first made public, revealed that Mr Motilall was not an engineer and he and his company never built a road in its very, very brief history.

If Motilall did not and cannot complete the roadway by the end of June as contracted, why would the PPP Government believe that he would complete the entire project in September? And what is more, Editor, without the four-wheel access road, the substantive Amaila Falls Project will be set back and the two projects as a whole will be another laughing stock of bad governance by the PPP and a drain on the public treasury.

It is a sad commentary that the 19 years in office of the PPP government have been riddled with such failures. The PPP with such an abysmal record does not deserve the votes of Guyanese electorate in the forthcoming general elections.

Yours faithfully,
Valda A Forsythe
Friends of the PNCR
Washington DC Chapter

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