Meadow Brook Gardens is a beautiful place

Dear Editor,

In spite of the problems faced by the residents, Meadow Brook Gardens is a beautiful place.  Whether it’s an early morning walk or late afternoon stroll along the streets of Meadow Brook Gardens one can enjoy the fresh air, calm, peacefulness, serenity and scenic beauty this community has to offer.  But the walk or stroll must be directed away from the busy overcrowded streets of Meadow Brook Drive and those leading to Guyhoc and to North and South Ruimveldt.

The community seems to have a mixture of citizens of all social and economic status and this mixture is reflected in the types of homes, the vehicles parked in the yards, the enclosure of the premises, the condition of the surroundings, the lawns, presence or absence of security huts, etc, all of which add to the beauty of Meadow Brook Gardens.

Most of what is Meadow Brook Gardens has some giant trees lining the roadways and canals.  These huge trees of the leguminosae family are known for their gnarled trunks and tremendous canopy providing shade along the roadway.  A passer-by can always avoid the sun or pause for a rest beneath an overarching branch.

The ornamentals too that form hedges around many homes add to the arboreal beauty of the area.  There are all sorts of colourful plants cultivated by residents who maintain them as they do their lawns.

Many beautiful species of birds are seen in the Meadow Brook area but the parakeets are our special visitors. Their green plumage and long tails make them conspicuous even when they do not ‘parley’ with each other.  These birds are known to stop for fruits in my yard almost every afternoon for a season, and I enjoy their colour, noise and searching watch; indeed I enjoy their company.

Some of the problems of the community are flooding in some areas, particularly those areas close to Mandela Avenue; the narrow roads connecting Guyhoc, North and South Ruimveldt –these thoroughfares are congested and are deteriorating fast because of the volume of traffic; a proper garbage and waste disposal system is not in place – the pickups are not guaranteed on time thus the occasional burning of rubbish by some residents is a nuisance to others; pollution of the canals and the poor condition of the interlocking drains (too many are clogged); and the occasional noisy settlement of a dispute especially in the squatting periphery of Meadow Brook Gardens. Despite its problems and challenges Meadow Brook Gardens is seen by many as one of the cleaner, quieter, and nicer areas in the city to live. It is a part of the city that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Yours faithfully,
Hilmon Henry

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