Guyanese should vote for policies

Dear Editor,

I am a regular viewer of Mr Sharma’s programme ‘Voice of the people,’ where many people call in to voice their frustration about the problems that are affecting them and the way in which the current administration runs this beautiful country of ours. Among the issues they raise are the crime rate, the high cost of living, unemployment, victimization and police brutality, to name a few. Judging from the voices of the callers in my opinion many are Indian-Guyanese, the same people who voted for the PPP/C at the last election. In the last five years Guyana has seen gross mismanagement, a breakdown in law and order, unaccountability and lack of transparency. I will not list the examples in this letter, but my fellow Guyanese can be the judges and look around them, and they will see exactly what I am talking about. My advice to my fellow Guyanese who will be voting at this year’s election is not to vote race, but to vote for policies.

They should not vote for the party that my grandparents voted for, but vote change and for a party that will govern our country well and that will unite our peoples with a government that will be transparent and accountable, unlike the PPP/C. The best example of not voting race is the United States of America, where a large number of whites voted for an African American. Therefore let us be wise and not deceived by the PPP/C or the PNCR (APNU) which had twenty-eight and nearly twenty years respectively to make Guyana better, but only divided our people along racial lines. So let us unite for Guyana to make our beautiful country better and vote for a party that will really bring change and development to Guyana, and that is the Alliance for Change.

Yours faithfully,
Aseef Balmacoon

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