Ministers of Sport, Education, Health and Home Affairs should make a concerted effort to curb noise nuisance

Dear Editor,

The letter, ‘The authorities should stop the noise nuisance madness’ (SN, June 10) by Charles Solomon should arouse a passion in all concerned to vigorously bring an end to noise nuisance lawlessness. Complaints seem ineffective.

The letter succinctly informed us of harm caused by loud noise, other than the effect on hearing, which was generally thought to be the only damage. More alarming, however, is the effect on the brain and those with hypertension. These revelations should spur Ministers and ministries to action. Minister of Sport, Youth and Culture Dr Frank Anthony, Minister of Education Shaik Baksh, Minister of Health Dr Leslie Ramsammy and Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, together with other concerned persons, organizations, churches and so on should make a concerted effort to curtail this immensely damaging phenomenon.

Very few people are aware of the effects of noise nuisance, specifically loud music, and could not care less about it, so a determined and sustained educational effort ought to be pursued by whatever means. For example we could drop that waste of money and time, ‘Cricket History’ on the radio which very few listen to and which is of zero benefit, and replace it with ‘Damage of Noise Nuisance.’ This would contribute so much in preventing persons becoming hearing impaired (very many now) and compromising the health of our old folks.

There is a church in Betsy Ground, East Canje, that is guilty of noise nuisance, and the police do nothing to curb it. They do turn up when residents react to the noise, but harass them for disturbing the church. The playing of loud music and loud utterances irritates even other Christians and a nearby Lutheran church. There is a need to insist on sound-proof churches, bars, etc.

It is unlikely any drastic measures will be taken against noise nuisance as the government ironically sanctions it by hosting the ‘Big Lime,’ and encourages the breaking of the law by giving permission to mega shows and other celebrations. There are double standards in operation in addition to which corruption in some cases makes the law ineffective.

Yours faithfully,
M Sookraj

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