The ballot should be used to achieve change

Dear Editor,

One of the most effective methods used by British and American law enforcement to bring those involved in illegal activity to justice is to ‘put them into play.’  Under heavy surveillance and other covert measures, they are allowed to plot to the point of executing their plans, before they are arrested and brought to trial. The mountain of evidence is put before the nation and the law takes its course.  The People’s Progressive Party as a government has been put into play by the opposition.

I watch as the opposition parties, (excluding the Alliance For Change) work in a dignified manner to put the interest of Guyana first. I watch the presidential candidate of APNU David Granger doing what is required to see change.  There is dignity, maturity and a moral approach like never seen before in the electoral preparation by that opposition political movement. I am forced to reassess in my independent outlook, for the wider picture must be seen.

Calls are being made to arrest the excesses of the government through massive street protests. I say no! Not before we go to the polls. We have reached the juncture where it is clear who the culprits are and who has lost the moral right to govern again. We are not lacking the mountain of evidence of the destructive excesses of the present government. Before the eyes of this nation and all its people, the government has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.  It is their hope to see confusion. They are, however, greeted with a dignified silence. They have officially been put into play.

The people of Guyana would be most hypocritical not to see the point at which we have arrived. We have been fully apprised through the independent media. There has been no stifling of information. We cannot pretend not to know. We watch the courage of Lincoln Lewis in constantly speaking out, without fear or favour. We listen to Benschop radio as he tirelessly exposes the wrongs of this government – real people on his programmes highlighting real issues. Denis Chabrol’s Demerara Waves brings us information as it happens. Haven’t we glued our eyes to the Freddie Kissoon column, as his fingertips are reddened from bringing the sickening revelations of the abuse of power happening daily in Guyana?  What else do we need to hear or do before we go to the ballot.

This is an election of choice not pressure.  We will not look through the haze of massive street demonstrations and violent protest. There will be no playing into fears or accusations of ‘brucking up’ the country.  There will be peace and stability; moments of quiet reflection in the silence that surrounds us. For the only wrestling sounds will be found in our individual consciences. The vote will reflect our hypocrisy or measure our collective effort to save our country.

2012 must be a new dispensation. The truth of who we are as a people will be laid bare. No blame will be put at the doorstep of any opposition party.  The choice of right over wrong will be the guiding principle. I implore everyone to use the ballot to see change. Thereafter, the blame can only be ours and not that of our parliamentary representatives and opposition parties. The PPP have been put into play and quiet surveillance has gathered the intelligence needed. Justice must be brought through the collective vote.

Yours faithfully,
Norman Browne

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