98.1 FM carried 12 minutes of commercials

Dear Editor,

I tuned in to 98.1 FM online on Friday morning only to hear over 12 minutes of commercials from around 7:43hrs-7:53 hrs. I know the commercials did not start when I tuned in, so it had to be more than 10 minutes.

This is poor planning on NCN’s behalf to bore listeners with all those advertisements. That is not acceptable nor is it the standard of any radio station around the world. Spread the commercials out so that you don’t overdo it at any given time
I am not telling them how to run a radio station, but they should check with international radio stations and learn how they treat their listeners. No radio station plays so many commercials at any one time; they rush back to what keeps their listeners tuned in—the music! Their commercials last sometimes no more than 3 or 4 minutes maximum.

Yours faithfully,
Leon Suseran

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