APNU’s ‘Open Hand’ symbol bears striking resemblance to that of DLM

Dear Editor,

In 1983 I joined the Democratic Labour Movement (DLM) and served as the Movement’s representative in the Washington, DC area until after the 1992 elections. The DLM of course, was preceded by the RWA-FDU (1982) which was itself preceded by the GRRS (1978).  The DLM as you are aware contested the 1985 and 1992 elections. The symbol of the party was the ‘Open Hand’ with the star in the middle of the hand.

Now, I note that the symbol of the newly formed alliance of PNC/APNU bears a striking resemblance to that of the DLM Open Hand. I truly hope that this was an error or oversight by the principals involved. The DLM was an integral and leading member of the PCD and the Open Hand symbol remains dear to all of our members and furthermore represents a struggle against the dictatorship and racism of the very PNC regime, which is a the major party in this new political alliance.

The DLM was a victim of fraudulent elections. You can recall Dr Festhus Brotherson’s exposé from inside the PNC that explained the significant number of seats the DLM won in areas like Linden and the West Coast but was defrauded of its seats and its rightful place in Parliament.

We, therefore, respectfully request that the PNC/APNU immediately remove any representation printed or otherwise of the Open Hand symbol from their website and/or documents. Surely, there must be someone in the PNC/APNU who can summon enough imagination to provide an original symbol that reflects the interests and objectives of the individuals involved in the new political alliance.
Attached please find the DLM symbol.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Z Rahaman

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